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Grades K-3
 M, T, Th, F
8:05 - 2:30 pm
W only 8:05 - 12:15 pm

Grades 4-8
 M, T, Th, F
8:05 - 3:05 pm
 W only
8:05 - 12:15 pm

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"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind"
Dr. Maria Montessori

 Welcome and thank you for visiting the Dixon Montessori Charter School Website.  Our school is a K-8 community dedicated exclusively to students and learning.

The mission of DMCS is to achieve academic excellence for all students by blending Montessori education with California State Standards.  DMCS supports its mission through low teacher-to-student ratios, family participation, multi-aged classrooms, a diverse curriculum, and differentiated learning for each student. DMCS is a tuition-free public school committed to developing socially responsible life-long learners.

Dixon Montessori Charter School is part of an innovative, child-centered teaching movement that has grown for more than one hundred years worldwide. Montessori schools are based upon the educational methodology of Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, who is remembered as one of the most practical, visionary and progressive minds in the history of modern education. In the tradition of Maria Montessori our school offers a pleasant and nurturing environment in which children learn at their own pace pursuing those things that interest them most. Dixon Montessori provides purposefully designed experiences that foster a child’s self-respect, independence, autonomy, respect of the environment, and ability to make responsible choices. Our teachers lead children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate and discover. At Dixon Montessori children learn in multi-age classes in which the younger children spontaneously learn from the older children. We expect learning to be a process of discovery, which leads to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and enjoyment.